Clarity and the Wisdom Tree


Clarity and the Wisdom Tree is a spiritual children’s book with more than one message. Through the adventures of a young girl with a curious mind walking in the wood, encountering a spirt tree and wanting to welcome a new girl to her school, clarity discovers the ability to make her own decision despite her close friends’ objections. 

The story highlights the connection between trees and humans and interweaves the spiritual development of connecting to ourselves to find the answer to our problems. It also promotes wisdom of doing to others as you would have them do unto you.

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There’s a Wisdom Tree in the forest, and it’s waiting for Clarity. While walking through the forest with her family, Clarity stumbles upon the Wisdom Tree – an old, dying tree with hardly any leaves. When Clarity learns why the Wisdom Tree is special, she starts wondering.

Will the Wisdom Tree talk to me?

Little does she know, the Wisdom Tree has an important message for Clarity, but it’s up to her to discover it. Join Clarity as she discovers our deep-rooted connection to trees, learns how to navigate her inner-self and discovers the most important wisdom of all.

Ideas for Parents

All of us, especially children, benefit from being allowed to play and explore. Many studies show that time spent in nature improves physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Teach your children to feel at home in nature so they can grow and learn. Any time is a good time to turn off your cellphone and take in the fresh smells of a forest or park near you.

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Wisdom Tree Sketch

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Wisdom Tree Sketch #2

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Living close to the Pacific Spirit Park, I am fortunate to be surrounded by inspiration. My many walks in this healing space brings inspiration to me and the many others who cherish this special place.

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  1. Peter P

    My 7 year old son loves this book! The captivating and imaginative story has so many valuable lessons and is presented with such beautiful paintings. It really is a work of art.

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